Fish, Wings & Tings Restaurant Review


The venue for this week’s review is one of London’s most critically acclaimed Caribbean restaurants, Fish, Wings & Tings in Brixton Village. To get you in the mood, listen to Trinidadian Machel Montano.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 14.27.33

Map of Brixton including location of Fish, Wings & Tings


outside rest

The exterior of the restaurant. Inside only had three tables but this felt cosy as opposed to cramped.


Before entering, the Trinidadian owner, Brian Danclair, shook our hands and kissed us in welcome. He persuaded us to try lesser-known Caribbean specialities instead of the stereotypical Jerk Chicken (which one of my co-diners did order, afterwards saying it was the best she’d ever tasted).


The open-plan kitchen, which created an inclusive environment for us.

The open-plan kitchen, which created an inclusive environment for us.






Famous codfish fritters


My eating partners ordered the Codfish Fritters; I read before that someone compared them to ‘a high-five from Jesus’. I had a nibble and almost wish I’d ordered them too. They were warming and heartening without being stodgy, and their mildly spicy ginger and lime aioli was a good level of heat to start the meal off with.



pepper prawns

Pepper Prawns


granny suzyg.suzy recipe

I ordered some Pepper Prawns which came with ‘Granny Suzy’s Pepper Sauce’ which was incredible. Initially I could taste the sweet papaya which then built into an intense smoky heat. Not recommended for mild heat-lovers, but otherwise be brave!



curry goat

Curry Goat

photo 2

Goat Roti.

photo 1

Jerk Chicken.

All of our mains were accompanied by king-size portions of plain rice and the sweetest coconut coleslaw I’ve eaten. My ‘big ting’ was a stew-like Curry Goat. Mellow compared to my starter, the goat was deliciously tender and rich without being excessively gamey.

With great service, music and, without doubt, the finest Trinidadian food I’ve tasted, Fish, Wings & Tings is a small haven celebrating everything good in life. Make sure you go!


Photographic copyright: Cicely Proctor




One response to “Fish, Wings & Tings Restaurant Review

  1. Max

    Need to get down there by the sounds of things. Never been.

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